We believe in the one true, holy, living God who has always existed and possesses infinite love and goodness. Even as God is one in essence and power, we know God in three distinct but inseparable ways: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.


We believe in the mystery of salvation through Jesus Christ. God became human in Jesus of Nazareth, and by believing in Him, we’re given the opportunity to be reconciled to God.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God’s presence to us today. When we sense God’s call to goodness, God’s conviction of sin, God’s empowerment, or God’s comfort, it’s the Holy Spirit at work in our midst.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is God’s revealed story and is the primary authority for our faith and practice. Scripture contains the path to a restored relationship with God.

The Church

The Church is the body of Christ for today, an extension of Jesus’ ministry in the world as directed by the Spirit to spread God’s love and redemption.

Human Beings

We’ve been created in God’s image, which means we have the capacity to love and care, to communicate, and to create. As humans, we fail in always doing the right things, but through belief in Jesus, we become new and reconcile with God. This is a gift of God called grace. We believe in three types of grace, which we experience at different times through the power of the Holy Spirit:

  • Prevenient grace is God calling us into relationship.

  • Justifying grace helps us repent and receive God’s forgiveness.

  • Sanctifying grace helps us to continue to grow like Jesus


We believe that…

  • Baptism is a symbol of new life in Christ and inner cleansing that’s connected with God’s love and forgiveness.

  • Through baptism, we are joined with Christians everywhere and dedicated to discipleship.

  • Persons of any age can be baptized.

  • The water can be administered by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion.

  • God’s love never fails and that a person only needs to be baptized once in his or her life.

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The Lord’s Supper is a sacred moment where bread and juice symbolizes the body and blood of Christ as it reminds us of the redemptive power of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Through Holy Communion, we are nourished in love and united with Christ and with one another.

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Doctrinal Standards and General Rules